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University Library Directory

Employee Title Contact
Ulysses Aguilar Technical Support Specialist 209.946.2188 email
Brenda Carrillo Collections Manager 209.946.2798 email
Kate Dopkins Access Services Specialist, Rite Aid Information Commons 209.946.2952 email
Cassie Etter Access Services Coordinator, Rite Aid Information Commons 209.946.3203 email
Christina Gilpin Access Services Specialist 209.932.7353 email
Nicole Grady Special Collections Librarian 209.946.2404 email *
Lillian Hom-Imada  Metadata and Cataloging Specialist  209.946.2855 email
Robin Imhof Academic Support Librarian 209.946.2544 email *
Cindy Jackson Circulation & Stacks Maintenance Specialist 209.946.3289 email
Debbie Johnston  Access Services Manager 209.946.3299 email
John Linhares Administrative Assistant 209.946.2939 email
Michelle Maloney Academic Support Librarian 209.946.3171 email *
Cherilyn Moe Acquisitions Specialist 209.946.2231 email
Mickel Paris Health Sciences Librarian 209.946.3207 email *
Jack Schroeder Information Services Librarian 209.946.2087 email *
Monica Schutzman  Resource Sharing Specialist 209.946.2196 email
Mary M. Somerville University Librarian 209.946.2949 email
Edvin Soto Access Services Specialist 209.946.2872 email
Derrick Stanley Web Designer 209.946.3016 email  
Veronica Alzalde Wells Information Services Coordinator/Music Librarian 209.946.2570 email *
Michael Wurtz Head of Special Collections and University Archivist  209.946.3105 email *
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