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Playing and Practice Seasons

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Declaration of Playing Season

Each head coach is responsible for declaring the beginning and ending of the practice and playing seasons (traditional and/or non-traditional segments) for the academic year. These declarations will be submitted no later than July 31 each year to the Compliance Office, where they will be kept on file. These dates must be within the parameters of playing and practice seasons as determined by NCAA regulations (Bylaw 17).

Monitoring of Countable Athletically-Related Activities

Head coaches  have  the  responsibility  of  reporting  the  amount  of  countable  athletically-related activity  (CARA)  for  each  of  their  student-athletes  during  the  academic  year. Time spent in countable activities is recorded on a weekly basis on the CARA log. At the end of each month, the head coach and two team members must sign the weekly CARA logs for the month and submit them to the Compliance Office by the first of the month. CARA includes any required activity with an athletic purpose and at the direction of, or supervised by one or more of an institution's coaching staff. This includes watching video, skill instruction, and chalk talk. Any questions about whether an activity should be counted as CARA should be directed to the Compliance Office.

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Outside Competition

Under some circumstances, student-athletes are permitted to participate in outside competition during the academic year and/or during vacation periods. Depending on the sport, there may be limitations on the number of student-athletes who may participate on a team, the time of year in which participation may occur, the amount of expenses and/or prize money that may be received, and the type of league or tournament the student-athlete may participate in.

All student-athletes must fill out a Student-Athlete Academic Year Competition Form and a Student-Athlete Summer Outside Competition Form prior to competing in any competition outside of representing Pacific athletics. The form must be turned into the Compliance Office for approval of the competition. Student-athletes may be required to document any expenses and/or prize money received while participating for an outside team or in an outside event.

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