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Fundraising & Development



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The University of the Pacific Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is responsible for raising funds to supplement numerous projects and programs.  These include the Pacific Athletic Foundation (PAF), capital improvement projects, endowed scholarship funding and various sport-specific funds.  This chapter provides a basic description of these programs and the policies and procedures related to these programs as they relate to department personnel.

The primary mission of the Pacific Athletics Development Office is as follows:

  • To offer professional fundraising services, athletic communications, and other benefits to friends and alumni who wish to enhance the development of the Pacific Tigers;
  • Within the guidelines of the West Coast Conference and NCAA rules, to provide additional funds to establish and maintain a margin of excellence for the Pacific Tigers; and
  • To uphold the policies of Pacific intercollegiate athletics and the West Coast Conference.

To ensure that fundraising associated with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics does not present a conflict or potential conflict of interest or compromise institutional control of funds, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The Associate Director of Athletics for Development will supervise all fundraising with the assistance of the athletics development staff.
  • All gift funds from individuals and/or organizations/corporations/foundations are deposited in gift accounts at the University of the Pacific.
  • Department of Athletics accounting personnel prepare the gift for deposit at Advancement Services, and the gift processing staff members post the gift to the donor's University giving record. A letter of acknowledgement and a receipt are sent to the contributor by Advancement Services.  Appropriate benefit club materials, depending on the amount of the contribution and additional acknowledgements are mailed by the PAF Accounts Manager.
  • The Box Office is notified (via weekly electronic file) of an individual's or business's recent ticket related benefit level gifts and coordinates with Advancement Services for reports and data sets which support broader ticket considerations.
  • Once funds have been deposited in a University gift account, the use of these funds is directed by the Director of Athletics or his/her designee in accordance with gift account usage standards and donor restrictions/intentions.
  • The Associate Director of Athletics for Development and the External Relations Director for Athletics are the liaisons between the Development Office and Athletics Development.

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Pacific Athletic Foundation (PAF)


The mission of the PAF is to enable University of the Pacific student-athletes to have an outstanding athletics and academic experience by strengthening Pacific's intercollegiate athletics program through private giving and volunteer leadership.

The PAF provides special opportunities for friends and alumni to actively participate in the success of the Pacific Tigers NCAA Division I program.  A core element of the PAF is the development of friends and resources through outreach activities and the annual membership program.  Resources generated by PAF members will provide essential support for Pacific student-athlete scholarships, academic achievement programs, and the recruitment of exceptional prospective student-athletes.

The PAF is administered by the Executive Committee which is comprised of the Director of Athletics, the Associate Director of Athletics for Development, the External Relations Director for Athletics, the PAF President, and the PAF Vice President.  The Executive Committee meets at least twice annually to develop strategies and to discuss the PAF's business.  The full Board of Directors meets at total of five (5) times during the academic year on an every other month basis in September, November, January, March and May.

The PAF is headquartered in the University of the Pacific Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at 3601 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95211.

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The most important benefit of membership in the PAF is the social network developed from working with friends to achieve the common goal of producing winning teams and building a championship-level intercollegiate athletics program. Attending games, social events, and meetings with fellow PAF members provide opportunities for friends of the Pacific Tigers to gather and celebrate.

Every member becomes part of the PAF with an annual contribution to the PAF fund. The goal is to help Pacific maintain its proud tradition as one of the best athletic programs on the West Coast.

The PAF currently has more than 500 members. All members contribute to Pacific Athletics through the annual giving program of the PAF.

Athletics & Social Functions

PAF members receive invitations to special events and a variety of pre-season, pre-game, post-game and post-season activities featuring fellow PAF members, Pacific student-athletes, coaches and administrators.  They also receive priorities for season tickets and seat locations for Pacific Tigers intercollegiate competitions.

Prime Tickets

PAF staff and the Ticket Office staff assist in fulfilling priority ticket requests from PAF members.

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Special Parking at Home Events

Only PAF members who subscribe at the $1,000 or higher level are eligible to receive priority parking passes for Pacific Tigers home athletics events.

Tax Deductions

Gifts to the PAF are receipted by Advancement Services in compliance with IRS disclosure requirements.  For income tax purposes, a contribution with no benefits (i.e., season tickets, hospitalities, parking and trinkets) is receipted as a fully deductible gift whereas a receipt for a contribution with benefits has the value of those benefits disclosed as a non-tax deductible value on the gift receipt.  Members are encouraged to consult with their tax advisors concerning the specific deductibility of their contribution(s).

Trade-outs and services provided to PAF are not receipted by Advancement Services as they do not comply with IRS definitions as tax deductible charitable gifts.

Pacific Tigers Publications & Website

PAF members receive the official Pacific Athletics newsletter, Pacific Digest, as well as team brochures and email alerts to keep them informed about Pacific Tigers Athletics. Members are listed in various publications and on the Pacific Tigers website.

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Membership Benefits

The PAF provides various cash giving opportunities for annual memberships including:

Contribution Level

Donor Benefits


8 season tickets, hospitalities, parking, trinket


6 season tickets, hospitalities, parking, trinket


4 season tickets, hospitalities, parking, trinket


2 season tickets, hospitalities, parking, trinket


6 game coupons, trinket


4 game coupons, trinket


2 game coupons, trinket


No coupons or tickets, trinket

Donors may decline benefits at the time they make their gift in order to receive a full tax deduction for their cash gift support.

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Special Opportunities

Corporate Matching Gift Program

Many companies have matching gift programs for eligible employees. Gifts to the PAF may qualify for a corporate matching gift. Members are encouraged to check with their human resources or benefits offices to learn if the company will match gifts to the PAF.  Some corporate match programs disallow match funds for athletic programs.  Match eligibility is determined by the corporate entity providing funds and fund usage is confirmed by Advancement Services in accordance with corporate requirements.

Athletics Endowment Program

The PAF has established the Pacific Tigers Scholarship Endowment, which is designed to provide support for athletics scholarships with a series of permanent scholarships. Once established, these scholarships generate investment returns to fund scholarships for deserving student-athletes on a continuing basis. Endowed scholarships may be established by individuals, organizations, or groups of individuals. Endowment funding thresholds are set by the Board of Regents.  Please see the University Gift Acceptance Policy for the current funding thresholds and requirements for endowments.  In accordance with University policy, endowments may be funded by contributions of cash, securities, pooled income funds, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and approved real estate.  Pledges for endowment funding must be paid over a period of 5 years.

Donors may endow scholarships for a specific sport or a specific position in a particular sport. Any scholarship in the endowment program may be named for the contributor or for an individual, group, or organization of the donor's choosing following gift agreement review and approval by University Development. The names of Athletic-related endowments and endowed scholarships will be displayed on engraved plaques in the Alex G. Spanos Center.

A gift to the endowment is invested in a fund managed by the University's endowment committee. A portion of the interest earned from the endowment contribution is used for annual scholarship support of Pacific student-athletes. The remaining earnings are reinvested to increase the endowment fund for perpetual scholarships. Fully endowed scholarships cover tuition, fees, room and board, and books for Pacific student-athletes.

Additional endowment opportunities exist for establishing funds for coaching positions or for specific program support.

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Planned Gifts Program

Donors may be interested in supporting Pacific student-athletes by making life income or planned gifts. Gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and bequests are examples of gift methods available to interested donors. The University will assist the donor's legal and financial advisors in establishing these gift arrangements.

For more information on Planned Gifts to Pacific Athletics, please visit the following websites:



Gift-In-Kind Program

Pre-approved gifts of tangible property (as opposed to donated services) are accepted as part of the PAF annual giving program. The fair market cost of the gifts-in-kind determines the level of membership and related benefits.  Various businesses and individuals provide gift-in-kind products to the Department in exchange for PAF memberships.

Individuals or businesses who wish to provide gift-in-kind products and/or donate services may be able to receive credit in the form of a PAF membership with benefits in exchange for the value of their product and/or services.  A PAF Trade-Out Pledge Card needs to be completed by the individual or business providing the services or gift-in-kind  of tangible property and the card must be approved and signed by the PAF Director, a.k.a. the Associate Director of Athletics for Development.

To request a major gift-in-kind such as lumber or furniture, department staff members or coaches must first contact the Associate Director of Athletics for Development who will consult with the Director of Athletics, who will then determine with the Development Office if a gift-in-kind trade will be attempted or if the item(s) will be purchased.

Acceptance of trade items are subject to University review levels for in-kind gifts.  Tangible item transactions with an anticipated value of $5,000 or greater are required to have formal review by the University-wide gift acceptance committee prior to acceptance by any department or unit n accordance with Regent Adopted University Gift Acceptance policies.  These values may be adjusted periodically to ensure compliance with IRS standards.

To use an already secured/recorded PAF gift-in-kind trade, department staff members must request a PAF Trade-Out Pledge Card from the PAF Office.  The form requires two (2) authorized signatures and the requesting staff member must provide an approximate value of the trade-out being requested from that particular vendor.  After using/receiving the trade, the staff member needs to return a completely filled-in and signed copy of the white part of the three-part form to the PAF Office along with a receipt from the vendor.

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Courtesy Car Program

A valuable component of the annual giving program includes the provision of courtesy cars from local car dealerships for use by some Pacific coaches and athletics administrators.

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff members are assigned courtesy cars based on the fact that they perform specific business-related functions on behalf of the University and the intercollegiate athletics program. The Director of Athletics determines who receives a car assignment. Once a staff person is hired, the Associate Director of Athletics for Development will contact that person regarding a courtesy car.

Payroll requires that those Department staff members report their business/personal mileage usage to Payroll annually. The Payroll Office uses the previous year's calculation to allocate the personal usage amount over the payroll periods for the next year.  The "true up" is done at calendar year end when the mileage amounts are reported by those Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff members.  The IRS considers appropriate records to include documentation identifying the car and proving ownership or a lease and a daily log showing miles traveled, destination and business purpose.

Each staff person who utilizes a courtesy car is responsible for the following duties related to use of that courtesy car:

  1. Personally contact and maintain a relationship with the car provider by occasionally visiting the car dealership and delivering appropriate gifts of appreciation;
  2. Determine from the car provider if there are any mileage limitations and how to handle regular maintenance;
  3. For tax purposes and in case of an audit, keep a daily log showing miles traveled, destination and purpose of each trip (business or personal);
  4. Make sure that your courtesy car always has current license and registration, as well as an up-to-date copy of the University's automobile insurance policy in the glove box;
  5. Always return the courtesy car to the car dealership free of dents, scratches and mechanical damage, less the normal wear and tear on the car;
  6. Contact the PAF Office each time the courtesy car is returned and switched to another courtesy car; and
  7. Maintain a safe driving record.

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Other Major Development Projects/Programs


The Thank-a-thon is a customer service program that focuses on the donors to the PTAA.  Once per year, in the early spring, the PAF Office organizes a Thank-a-thon program utilizing current student-athletes. One student-athlete from each intercollegiate team is asked to volunteer a total of sixty (60) minutes of their time to call current PAF donors and thank them for their support. Each fall a representative from the PAF Office contacts all sixteen (16) head coaches to ask for their continued support of this program and to provide the PAF Office with the name of their team's representative for the Thank-a-thon calling sessions.

Capital Campaign

A Capital Campaign for Intercollegiate Athletics is not currently underway at this time.  Capital Campaigns generally last 3-5 years and are primarily focused on facility enhancement funding and building the athletic endowment. Funding strategies include private gift naming opportunities, priority seating plans, and corporate, student and government support.  Involvement from staff and coaches will be requested relative to public appearances and assistance in solicitations. All information relative to potential prospects, including all solicitations should be communicated with and approved by the Associate Director of Athletics for Development.

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Tiger Open Golf Tournament

The annual Tigers Open is the annual golf tournament sponsored by the Department and the PAF Office as a source of fundraising. This tournament is generally held during the month of April.


The Pacific Digest Newsletter is published quarterly and is sent to the donors and selected friends of the Department. Each member who donates $1 or more is eligible to receive the Pacific Digest. The newsletter contains information on various sports programs and/or coaches. The Athletic Development staff may contact coaches and administrators for their input and/or approval regarding various issues that pertain to their respective areas.

Also, the PAF Office publishes the annual PTAA Membership Directory & Referral Guide which includes information related to the PAF and its members.

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Sport Improvement Accounts

Each sport has an established "development account" through which donations can be processed and from which coaches can spend on projects approved by the Director of Athletics. It should also be understood that all solicitations for donations to these accounts, including those funneled through sport booster clubs, must receive prior approval from the Associate Director of Athletics for Development (in order to avoid multiple solicitations and maximize donor support). Gifts to be processed or deposited should be delivered to the Athletics Business Office or mailed directly to the Office of Advancement Services stating the account to which they should be credited. For further information on the balance or amount available in these accounts, contact the Athletics Business Office.

The purchases of clothing and supplies to be given to donors as thank you gifts (i.e., trinkets or tchotchkes) should be properly recorded as fundraising expenses because of the new IRS Form 990 reporting requirements.  If such gifts are to be standard benefits provided in association with specific gift requests or "membership levels" those plans should be identified and reviewed with Athletic Development staff and Advancement Services prior to any such solicitation and distribution of gifts.  There are specific IRS requirements which must be addressed when providing tangible items as thank you gifts.   IRS "safe harbor" and quid-pro-quo rules change annually and must be adhered to in order to protect Pacific's non-profit status and ensure our donors are not put at risk of audit or IS fines.

This includes various expenditures for clothing and supplies purchased for various fundraising groups and activities such as golf tournaments and membership programs like the PAF, Coaches Bench, Fastbreak Club, Diamond Club, etc.  The new IRS Form 990 requires additional reporting for fundraising activities and events with gross receipts greater than $5,000.  In these cases, detail must be provided on Schedules G Part II for gross receipts, less charitable contributions, cash prizes, non-cash prizes, rent/facility costs and other direct expenses.

It is recommended that all purchases of clothing and supplies to be used for various fundraising groups and activities be recorded to Account 7054 (Donor Gifts Given-QPQ) by each responsible party (Athletics Business Manager, coach, director, administrative assistant, etc.) so that detailed expense details can be included for all IRS reporting.

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Gift Processing & Data Entry

Donations received by Department staff members should be directed to the Athletics Business Office with directions for deposit and processing.   The Athletic Business Office will coordinate with Advancement Services to ensure gifts are recorded and acknowledged in accordance with University policies.

Donor Relations

The PAF Office maintains close relationships with contributors.  In order to efficiently and effectively "reach out" to all areas, all information relative to current and/or prospective donors should be communicated with the PAF Office and/or an Athletic Development representative.

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Student-Athlete Alumni Relations

Block P Society

The Block P Society is made up of former Pacific student-athletes, coaches and spirit group members sharing and reliving experiences, networking, participating in social activities and promoting the Pacific tradition of both athletic and academic excellence.

The goals of the Block P Society are to enable its members to:

  • Have annual opportunities to return to campus and reunite with former teammates, coaches, and other student-athlete alumni, current student-athletes and Pacific Department of Intercollegiate Athletics personnel;
  • Support our current student-athletes, coaches and teams through program sponsorship, team-oriented activities and recognizing outstanding academic/athletic performances.
  • Make financial contributions that directly support your former team and/or strengthen the Department's general PTAA scholarship fund.

Membership eligibility in the Block P Society consists of alumni letterwinners of the intercollegiate athletics program who are no longer eligible for varsity athletics competition. Membership can also include honorary members who are non-alumni and/or non-varsity student-athletes who have been approved for membership by the Director of Athletics.  All Block P Society members and honorary members must provide annual gifts of $50 per year.

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