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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Highlighting Pacific Students

2014 Team Pacific Awards!

The mission of Team Pacific is to support student learning and success by promoting the development of critical personal and professional competencies, with this in mind Team Pacific has grown tremendously from its development in 2006. Team Pacific now recruits and provides professional development for student employees who work for New Student and Family Programs, Student Academic Support Services, Pacific Recreation, the DeRosa University Center and Student Leadership Development.

Involvement Champion Award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who is highly involved both in their respective employment area and on campus.  The recipient is an individual who successfully balances all of their involvement activities, work, and academics; actively seeks to get others involved in the Pacific or Stockton community and recognizes opportunities to contribute to the campus, not only as an employee, but also as a member of the Pacific family.  A nominator stated that while employed by the DeRosa University Center, this student has been actively involved in Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Pacific American Marketing Association, and Council of University Social Entrepreneurs.  Amongst all of these involvements she provides significant value from coordinating events to representing these organizations at national conferences.  She is dedicated and consistently provides high quality work.  

Congratulations to Madelyn Vander Poel on receiving the Involvement Champion Award! (Unfortunately Madelyn was unable to attend the Awards Ceremony)

The Innovation Champion is an award designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has contributed an original idea to improve their respective employment area.  The recipient is an individual who continuously brings new perspectives and suggestions to improve their area; critically evaluates all angles of a problem to make an informed decision; and continuously strives to improve processes to be more efficient or better serve the department's guests.  A nominator stated that this recipient has taken it upon themselves to help diagnose issues that come up with One Word equipment, they will try new ways to make it work and experiments with different ways to make sure they will continue working until that equipment can be replaced.  This student can easily adjust to any situation and is always willing to work with others. 

Congratulations to Alexis Ortega on receiving the Innovation Champion award! (Unfortunately Alexis was unable to attend the Awards Ceremony.)

The Scholarship Champion is an award designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has demonstrated exceptional academic success.  The recipient is student-scholar who has achieved a 3.87 cumulative GPA and has balanced school and work expectations masterfully.  A nominator stated that this recipient "has a well-established record of scholarship in the field of Geology and has been featured in the Pacific Review Alumni Magazine and Pacifican Newspaper for research conducted with faculty."  As a Pacific Honors student and Regents Scholar, this recipient has earned Pacific's Undergraduate Research Award and presented with Professor Kurtis Burmeister to receive the prestigious Austin A. Sartin Best Poster Award by Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the national Earth Science honor society.  In addition to her geological scholarship, she is a model Student Advisor serving as a leader among peers as well as a Student Advisor in Residence in Eiselen House.  She has been working over the past year to blend her passion for science and teaching with a newer awakening to professional opportunities in student affairs.  Finally, she will be a stellar alumnae and represent Pacific's student-scholar model well into her professional career. 

Congratulations to Brittany Klemm for receiving the Scholarship Champion Award.

The Outstanding Collaborator award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has demonstrated the ability to effectively work within a team towards a common goal.  The recipient is an individual who seeks input and involvement from other co-workers and staff for solving problems; builds strong working relationships with co-workers; serves a positive example to others; establishes valuable collaborative relationships within their respective employment area; and seeks out ways to collaborate with other campus departments or organizations.  This student has served in the role of Scheduling Manager this past year for the Ambassadors.  In this role he produced the Ambassador tours and Welcome Center schedules.  A nominator stated, while it may seem like a not so difficult task, it is a monumental one, to say the least.  He has successfully coordinated these schedules for over 70 Ambassadors and at times had to revise these schedules several times a day.  He has earned the respect from all Ambassadors as being efficient and fair while coordinating all tour shifts for large events on campus such as Profile Day with a great deal of patience. 

Congratulations to Ryan DesLauriers on receiving the Outstanding Collaborator award! 

The Exceptional Initiative award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who seeks out opportunities to initiate positive change without being asked. This year's recipient is an individual who willingly volunteers for any assignment; works promptly to address issues or concerns that occur within their area regardless of being on a shift; and continuously strives to improve processes by reviewing and suggesting new or alternative methods. A nominator described this recipient as "a servant leader who demonstrates care for others through direct service to Pacific students as well as proactively seeking opportunities to codify lessons learned, train, and advance interdepartmental work." A peer nominated this recipient in gratitude for providing mentorship and serving as a role model for co-workers. As a Student Advisor, this recipient goes above and beyond to reach out to peers well outside of orientation and office hours.  This recipient has been known to seek out students while walking around campus by keenly observing those others who may be in need of support. This recipient draws students in with a proactive smile, infectious laugh, and deep knowledge of advising and campus resources.  Above all, this recipient's motivation and exemplary standards come from within and in service to others.

Congratulations to Chelsea McClure for receiving the Exceptional Initiative award!

The Extraordinary Customer Service award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has committed to ensuring every guest has a great experience.  The recipient is an individual who has a positive attitude and is assertively friendly when interacting with guests; exhibits maturity by separating personal life and work life to ensure a quality guest experience; and is able to handle conflict or guest concerns in a professional manner.  One nominator stated this student demonstrates extraordinary customer service even when they are not working.  They always make sure to have a smile on their face and a positive outlook on the day.  They have been known to entertain people with their wittiness and charm and make everyone feel welcome on Pacific's campus and especially in the DeRosa University Center.  Another nominator stated that he is constantly wearing a smile, a positive attitude, and making guests and students feel at home on Pacific's campus.  Not only he is always looking for things to help guests in the University Center, but also helps the staff to grow and learn in order to better service the University Center. 

Congratulations to Conor Bayuk on receiving the Extraordinary Customer Service award! 

The Mentoring Champion award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has exhibited a passion for mentoring others.  The recipient is an individual who recognizes and calls out the potential in others; invests energy into others to help develop their natural talents and abilities; and serves as a role model for other student employees.  A nominator stated that this recipient is an exceptional student leader and has continued to impress with their passion for helping others be successful.  They have served in many leadership roles within the Ambassador program and has particularly excelled in her role as Recruitment and Training Manager.  She has exhibited desire to mentor others by working with the "newbie" Ambassadors and guiding them to become part of the permanent Ambassador staff.  I am proud to say she has chosen to enter the Student Affairs profession here at Pacific, her leadership, talents and responsiveness to other will be an asset to Pacific and the field of Student Affairs. 

Congratulations to Ashley Waldera on receiving the Mentoring Champion award! 

The Rookie of the Year award is designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee with less than 1 year of service to their respective employment area.  During this short time, the recipient has embodied Team Pacific's core values of quality service, initiative and collaboration; gone above and beyond in service to their department; been supportive to their fellow staff members, and exhibited growth personally and professional in their position.  A nominator stated that this student is a hard-worker as well as an amazing person.  Since they started working at the Baun Fitness Center they have proven themselves both personally and professionally.  They are always up for a friendly conversation and works diligently.  He often picks up shifts when someone has an emergency, he learns from the people around him, and continues to grow and better himself in the position.  Another nominator stated that he is always so happy and brings such an upbeat positive attitude to work that you can't help but be happy when he is around.  You also never have to ask him to do specific tasks because he is always on top of it!  Another nominator stated that he brings a positive attitude to the Pacific Recreation Team and constantly willing to learn and improve himself. 

Congratulations to Michael Dillard on receiving the Rookie of the Year Award!

The Team Pacific MVP is an award designed to recognize a Team Pacific employee who has contributed to the overall growth and success of their respective employment area.  The recipient should exemplify the standards and core values of Team Pacific; quality service, initiative, and collaboration.  In addition, the recipient is an individual who serves as an excellent role model by coaching and mentoring others; maintains high expectations, personally, academically, and professionally; balances all commitments and involvements while maintaining a reputation for reliability, and has made a significant contribution to their respective employment area. Stated by a nominator, this student is constantly taking initiative to improve Pacific Recreation.  She helps the development of her peers by sharing her knowledge of policies and procedures.  Another nominator opined that this person is one of the most remarkable student leaders to have worked for Pacific Recreation.  The fact that she has been elevated to the highest student staff position within Pacific Rec programs and services is a testament to her adaptability, exceptional character, and outstanding organizational skills.  She has been responsible for increasing the efficiency of our member service front line operations and is always the first to take-on additional responsibility while also serving as a strong mentor to her fellow students.  When Pacific Recreation was in need, she sought out additional training and attained her spinning certification to begin teaching cycle classes for the Baun Fitness Center.  Her care and consideration for the organization is extraordinary.  

Congratulations to Kaci Cardoza on receiving the Team Pacific MVP award!