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    An information session with Professor Dave Clark, Department of Economics, Marquette University more

    Poet Javier Sicilia vowed never to write another poem again after his son was killed by a drug cartel more

    Bill Herrin, a professor of economics in the College of the Pacific and the former chair of the Department of Economics, was appointed the director of the School of International Studies more

    Cassie Winkel (SIS '12) and Morgan Stonefelt (SIS '13) are working full-time for Northwestern Mutual in recruiting. Come hear about life after graduation, finding a career, adaptiing to the "real world," and utiliziing what you are learning today! more

    Encourage all undergraduate students who have been involved in research or original creative activity this year to submit their abstract more

    Professor of History at the University of Michigan, Dr. Juan Cole was the SIS Distinguished Scholar lecturer for the Spring 2012 semester. more

    University of the Pacific faculty members are available to comment on topics related to the protests in Hong Kong more