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Service Contracts (e.g., Dining Services, Bookstore)

Agreements wherein the University engages with an external vendor to perform services in support of University operations (e.g., dining services, bookstore services, security services, document management, Center for Professional &  Continuing Education, etc.).

This is a sub-set of the full Signature Authority Policy. Please be sure to review the  Signature Authority Policy before proceeding.

Also refer to Business Policies & Procedures

Final Signature Authority:

  • ≤ $100,000 Associate/Assistant Deans
  • ≤ $250,000 Deans, Associate/Assistant Provosts; Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents
  • ≤ $500,000 Dental, Pharmacy, Law School Deans
  • ≤ $1,000,000 Vice Presidents, Provost
  • > $1,000,000 President

Additional Information and Requirements:

  • Legal counsel review for agreements in excess of $250,000 or for those with special provisions as required;
  • Controller's Office review for all contracts > $500,000 for tax and financial reporting and payment terms;
  • Consult with E-Commerce Compliance Officer if agreement involves the electronic transfer of payment information.


Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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