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State Authorization Contacts

State Authorization Unit Contacts

Beverly Wade
Dir of State Authorization           University College             Email: Phone:  209-932-3577

Area Representative/ Impact Area Email
Athletics Wes Yourth
AAD School of Dentistry Sean Metter-affiliation agreements for externships
Kathy Candito - recruitment
Benerd School of Education Linda Webster
University College(old name:CPCE) Kyle Harkness
College of the Pacific Gregg Jongeward
College of the Pacific/ Psychology Holly White - Psych Graduate Students Internships
Carolynn Kohn - Graduate Student Recruitment and Marketing
Scott Jensen  - Psych Undergrads
Conservatory of Music Keith Hatschek - Music Business Studies
Steve Perdicaris - Music Camps
Ruth Brittin - Music Education
Feilin Hsiao - Music Therapy
Eberhardt School of Business Margaret Roberts - Internships
Chris Lozano - Recruitment
Marketing-David Harris
David Harris and Becky Davis - Contracts with Student-Support Vendors
Enrollment Management Chris Krzak
Kathleen Williams
Jerred Thompson
Graduate Research & Studies Christine Fluter-Brown
Jim Uchizono
International Programs & Services Ryan Griffith
Lauren Miller
McGeorge School of Law Colleen Truden
Molly Stafford
Tracy Simmons
Clemence Kucera
John Kirlin
Bethany Daniels
Pacific Technology Peggy Kay
Scott Christensen
School of Engineering and Computer Science Irene Camy - Director of Cooperative Education in SOECS
Jennifer Smith - Co-op Coordinator
TJL School of PHS Todd Davenport
Pacific Recreation Marc Falkenstein
Student Life - All other areas Breann Northcutt
Daniel Ocampo