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Years of Service

At the Staff Years of Service Luncheon on May 22, 2018, Pacific recognized the following Stockton staff members for their years of service ranging from five to 45 years. (The following lists include staff whose five-year incremental anniversary falls between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018)

Thank you for the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make! 

          45 Years          

           40 Years          

Dede Sanchez, Office of the Registrar Gary Ross, Physical Plant                
 Dede Sanchez with President Eibeck and Provost Pallavicini Gary Ross with Ken Mullen and President Eibeck

35 Years

David Lundy
Pacific Technology 
Dave Lundy

Thomas McInerney 
Physical Plant

(photo not available)

Mark Trujillo 
Physical Plant
Mark Trujillo
Mary-Lou Tyler 
School of International StudiesMary Lou Tyler

Veronica Semler 
Pharmacy Administration

(photo not available)

30 Years 
Christopher Bolthouse 
Physical Plant 
Christopher Bolthouse
Kenneth Rowland 
Physical Plant
Kenneth Rowland

          25 Years          

          20 Years          

Brian Kolze, Athletics - Sports Administration        Alan Buffo, Physical Plant
    Shannon Culver, Physical Plant
  Lynda Davis, Pharmacy Administration
Lori Guerrero, Treasury & Investment
Sauda Kho, Physical Plant
Sandra Mahoney, Student Life Administration
Phillip Oppenheimer, Pharmacy Administration 
Lynette Zenor, Eberhardt School of Business

          15 Years          

Jess Acob, Physical Plant Tara Juano, Controller Office                   
Maria Avila, Physical Plant Ana Orellana, Pacific Technology 
Mike Belcher, Public Safety Margaret Roberts, Eberhardt School of Business     
Ash Chaudhry, University Compliance Administration Kanagasabai Sivaraman, Pacific Technology
Scott Douma, Pacific Technology  Rebeca Stovall, Student Life Administration
Kathleen Hastings, School of International Studies Liz Thompson, Pacific Wellness
Georgette Hunefeld, Major Gifts Wanda Wright, Student Life Administration
Steven Jacobson, Student Life Administration

          10 Years         

Josephine Behin, Admission Annette Martinez, Sports Training
Karen Bravo, ASUOP Office Patty Metzger, Residential Life and Housing Administration
Lisette Cardenas, Enterprise Risk Management Jeffrey Michael, Eberhardt School of Business
Ben Coburn, Conservatory of Music Sandy Miller, Eberhardt School of Business
Nicholas DeMuth, Public Safety Julie Ness, Controller's Office 
Linda Dempsey, Student Orientation/Ambassador Programs Victoria Oliva, Provost
Jimilynn Dorough, University Development, COP Kristina Ordanza, Learning & Development, HR
Tara Dreher, Physical Plant  Chris Pappas,  Pacific Card Office
Rosalinda Duarte, Physical Plant Becky Perry, Pharmacy Administration
Casey Dunn, Pacific Technology  Olga Reyes, Physical Plant
Heather Dunn Carlton, Student Academic Support Services Elizabeth Ridgeway, Physical Plant
Betty Flores, Controller's Office  Rachel Sumaquial, Health Services
James Graham,  Athletic Sports Administration Ron Tacan, Student Business Services
Lisa Kirkpatrick, University College Susan Weiner, Honors Program
Martin Juarez, Mail Services Wes Yourth, Athletic Administration
Stacey Lucchesi,  Human Resources  

          5 Years          

Elizabeth Bacon, Annual/Campaign Fundrasing Initiative Lawrence Ballard, Pacific Technology                             
Jennifer Low, ASUOP Office Chandara Phann, Pacific Technology  
Andy Smith, Athletics Sport Administration Daniel Walker, Pacific Technology        
Nicole Vargas, Athletics Sport Administration Noel Whitehead, Pacific Technology 
Janet Estrada,  Budget Office Ramon Quintero, Pacific Technology 
Christopher Ogbuli, Budget Office Hector Escalante, Ombudsperson
Priscilla Meckley, Capital Planning & Space Management Ellie Benton, Pharmacy Administration
Brandon Stevens, Central Records Marilyn Nilsen, Pharmacy Administration
Kim Girardi, Conservatory of Music Shim Lacy, Office of the President
Rena Fraden, COP Administration Cindy Lee, Office of the President
Jody Rodriguez, Counseling Services Ava Hammond, Office of the Provost
Steven Howell, Engineering Administration Thomas Harper, Public Safety
Roberta Martoza, Enterprise Risk Management David Settle, Public Safety
Kasey Rossi,  Financial Aid Chring Teng, Public Safety
Michael Krieger, Residential Life and Housing Administration Jesus Margarito, Student Life Administration
Daniel Ocampo,  Residential Life and Housing Administration LeTesha Fair, Physical Plant
Ulysses Aguilar, Library Administration Vee Keo, Physical Plant
Cassie Etter,  Library Administration Steven Shipes,  Physical Plant 
Keith Michaud, Office of Communications Burnie Atterbury, University Development 
Matthew Tapp, Pacific Technology  Joel Lohr, University Chaplain