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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Statement of Apology

On Wednesday, April 10th at approximately 9:30 p.m. in The Lair of the University of the Pacific's DeRosa University Center, an incident occurred that was of concern to many members of the Pacific Community.  During the ASuop open Karaoke night which followed an event at the Kappa Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi's Derby Days, the song "All Gold Everything" was performed by two members of this chapter followed by the song "Get Her Tho" which was performed by four members of the Iota Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi.  Both songs contained vulgar and demeaning lyrics toward African Americans and women.  Both songs were turned off immediately by members of the Asuop Arts and Entertainment staff after receiving complaints from audience members about the inappropriateness of the song lyrics.  The following is a letter of apology from the organizations involved in this incident.

To the University Community;

On behalf of the Associated Students of the University of the Pacific (ASuop), Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma chapter, and Alpha Phi - Iota Gamma chapter, we would like to formally and sincerely apologize for the offensive and vulgar song lyrics performed on Wednesday, April 10th during ASuop's Karaoke night, directly following the Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma chapter's Derby Days philanthropy event.  We would like to acknowledge that our actions were offensive, inconsiderate, and insensitive to members of the Pacific community and the greater population.  We recognize that as a group, we should have foreseen the impact of the performance and prevented the incident from occurring.  The incident illustrated a lack of discretion on our part.  In no way were the actions of the individual participants or greater organizations involved intentionally meant to cause disrespect to any audience members present and to the greater community.  Nevertheless, we understand the seriousness of the situation.  These actions do not reflect the values and ideals for which all three of our organizations stand and strive to maintain.

Our organizations are internally handling the situation with the individual members who were involved. Appropriate and direct actions will be administered through each respective organization's judicial process.  Through this incident, we have learned that there is a lack of sensitivity towards issues surrounding diversity and social justice among the members of our organizations. ASuop, Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma chapter, and Alpha Phi - Iota Gamma chapter will be collaborating with the University's Bias Response Team and the Housing and Greek Life office to create diversity and social justice programs that will help educate each organization's members and will prevent future incidents from occurring.

ASuop, Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma chapter, and Alpha Phi - Iota Gamma chapter would like to extend our most sincere apologies to anyone who was affected by this incident.  As a result of this incident, the Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma Chapter is cancelling certain Derby Day events in recognition of the seriousness of this incident.  If there is anyone who has any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact us via the ASuop President's e-mail address at We hope that the University community will be supportive of ASuop, Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma chapter, and Alpha Phi - Iota Gamma chapter's efforts to increase education and awareness around diversity and social justice issues amongst the Greek community and greater student population.


Emily Holmstedt
Alpha Phi - Iota Gamma Chapter
Tim Ye
Sigma Chi - Kappa Sigma Chapter
Jamie Barnes
ASuop Arts and Entertainment
Alan Hensley