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Planning and Assessment Division of Student Life
Hand Hall 117
Sandra Mahoney, EdD
Executive Director


Tarianne Cotton
Student Assistant


Michelle Yan
Student Assistant

Student Life Assessment

Student Life Assessment: Assessing the Impact of Student Learning

Assessment in Student Life supports the mission of university and the Division of Student Life by refining our delivery of exceptional service and support to our students.  

Assessment of student learning outcomes in Student Life at Pacific is holistically driven, and strengthened by collaboration and cross departmental communication. Assessment is defined as "the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of information  about the activities and outcomes of actual programs in order for interested persons to make judgments about specific aspects of what the program is doing and improve the program." -M. Q. Patton. Our co-curricular work is grounded in our mission and is strengthened by intentionally using assessment results and recommendations to improve student learning. Thus assessment is critical to division and university processes (Maki, 2017, pp. x-xi).

Mission Statement
In the Division of Student Life at University of the Pacific, our programs support our mission to provide students with a superior, integrated learning experience for lasting achievement and responsible leadership. Our services are strengthened by our process of intentionally using assessment information-based recommendations to continuously improve our impact on students, with the goal of developing the whole person.


AOD visual
Longitudinal Study of Student AOD Use

Pathways visual
Tiger Pathways Assessment

leadership visual
Integrated Leadership and
Critical Thinking Assessment


Ethical Principles We Use When Assessing Our Programs:
• Respecting autonomy
•  Doing no harm
•  Benefiting others
•  Being just
•  Being faithful    

Our Process of Planning and Assessment               
√ Continuous data gathering
√  Continual improvement based on the results of assessments
√  Is best approached strategically and systematically
√  Supports integrated systems

Assessment General Timeline:
The Division of Student Life uses an annual cycle for planning, prioritizing and assessing student learning through program-specific outcomes, to gauge the effectiveness of our programs and services and to measure the learning results for the students we serve.   

The Planning and Assessment Cycle

Meet the Department:
Sandra Mahoney
Dr. Sandra Mahoney, Executive Director

Tarianne Cotton, Student Assistant
Michelle Yan, Student Assistant