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Division of Student Life
Hand Hall
Patrick Day
Vice President for Student Life
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Student Life Directory


Name email Phone Location
Assessment & Student Development Sandy Mahoney 946-2080 Hand Hall, Rm 117
ASuop Arts & Entertainment Jennifer Low Demuth 946-2233 McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl
ASuop Government Jason Fitzer 946-2233 McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl
ASuop Graphic Design Arlene Brown 932-3351 University Center, 2nd Fl
Bon Appetit Sia Mohsenzadegan 460-3891 University Center, 2nd Fl
Career Resource Center Tom Vecchione 946-2361 McCaffrey Center, Rm 239
Center for Community Involvement (CCI) Erin Rausch 946-2444 CCI
Chaplain's Office Joel Lohr 946-2362 Sears Hall, Rm 218
Community Involvement Program (CIP) Allison Dumas 946-3187 McCaffrey Center, Rm 108
Conference Services Lexanne Ford 946-7743 University Center 2nd Fl
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) Stacie Turks 946-2315 Cowell Hall, 2nd Fl
Dean of Students Office Rhonda Bryant 946-2365 Hand Hall, Rm 134
DeRosa Center Administrative Offices Arlene Brown 946-7745 University Center 2nd Fl
Fraternity & Sorority Life Jason Fitzer 932-3071 McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl
Health Services Lynn King / 946-2315 Cowell Hall, 2nd Fl
Janet Leigh Theatre Jennifer Low 946-2233 McCaffrey Center, 1st Fl
Latino Community Outreach Ines Ruiz-Huston 946-7705 Raymond Lodge
Intercultural Student Success (formerly known as Multicultural Affairs) Colleen Smith 946-7707 McCaffrey Center, 1st Fl
New Student & Family Programs Linda Dempsey 946-7619 Burns Tower, 2nd Fl
Military & Veteran Student Support Center Lynn King 946-2889 Main Gym, Rm 116
PRIDE Resource Center Colleen Smith 946-7709 McCaffrey Center, 1st Fl
Public Safety Mike Belcher / 946-2537 Cowell Hall, 3rd Fl
Recreation Services Marc Falkenstein 946-2811 Baun Fitness Center
Residential Life & Housing Dan Ocampo / Michael Krieger 946-2331 McCaffrey Center, Rm 205
Services for Students with Disabilities Daniel Nuss 946-3221 McCaffrey Center, Rm 137
STEPS (Students Emerging as Pacificans) Zahida Sherman 932-2815 Hand Hall, Rm 114
Student Academic Support Services Anne Eastlick / Jesus Margarito 946-7702 Hand Hall, Rm 116
Student Activity Center Leslie Rudbeck 946-2174 McCaffrey Center, 2nd Fl
Student Conduct & Community Standards Heather Dunn-Carlton 946-2177 Hand Hall, Rm 115
Student Leadership & Involvement Dave Crafts 946-7745 University Center, 2nd Fl
SUCCESS - TRio Anita Bautista 946-2439 McCaffrey Center, Rm 111
University Bookstore Nicole Castillo 460-3877 University Center, 1st Fl
Upward Bound Program Rosie Montes 932-3265 Cowell Hall, 3rd Fl
Wellness Liz Thompson 946-3006 Cowell Hall, 3rd Fl
Women's Resource Center Shannon Schipper 932-2815 McCaffrey Center, 1st Fl