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Office of Marketing and Communications
Hand Hall
Second and Third Floors

Subdomain Policies

Because of certain underlying principles supporting subdomains, subdomains may only be implemented if the web site meets the following criteria.

  1. The subdomain is permitted under one of the following three instances:
    • The web site resides on a physical server other than the primary web server, contains content or applications that cannot be hosted on the primary web server, and the content must be made available to the University community.
    • The subdomain name is for one of the University's schools or colleges. With the exception of search engine optimization efforts, each of the schools or colleges may use only one name. Because of the challenge and expense involved in managing large numbers of individual subdomains for every department, Individual departments should not have their own subdomain.
    • The subdomain name is necessary for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. In this case, the subdomain name requestor must demonstrate via appropriate research the validity of the subdomain name desired. This includes marketing and search engine positioning research that will help the WPSC make an informed decision. The plan for creating a subdomain must include a search engine submittal program. Subdomains for SEO purposes must constitute a legitimate sub-site, that is, be comprised of a minimum of 10 pages of relevant content.
  2. Subdomain names should be reviewed annually by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Subdomains no longer in use should be retired each year.
  3. All subdomains must use the * domain name. Existing servers utilizing as a part of their subdomain name should convert to as soon as it is feasible.