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Letter from the Board of Regents

May 23, 2013

Dear University of the Pacific community;

Thank you for the efforts you will undertake in the coming months to become a more focused, efficient and effective University.  The Regents recognize that this process won't be easy, and that change can be unsettling.  But these are disruptive times in higher education: Competition for students is growing dramatically as for-profit universities grow and online education options multiply. Fewer families can afford the cost of a private education. Technology is increasingly integrated into teaching and learning. Lawmakers, the media and others are publicly questioning the value of a college degree, and competency-based undergraduate degrees are making headlines.

We must position Pacific for strength in this environment, solidifying our reputation for providing an excellent education that is well worth its cost. Students and families are expecting clarity in the value of their investment in education.  They want to know that students will receive a highly reputable education from dedicated and talented faculty.  And they expect evidence that our graduates will benefit in tangible ways from that education.

Pacific also needs to become as strong as possible as quickly as possible. Change in higher ed is happening at a very fast rate. The University will miss opportunities for growth if we fail to act quickly.

Pacific 2020 provides a strong roadmap for Pacific to thrive in a changing academic landscape while honoring our traditions and values.  Reviewing what we do and how we do it, and using those reviews to help find funds to invest strategically, is the necessary first step.

Earlier, the full board charged President Eibeck to undertake these important initiatives, and I commend her for her leadership in this effort and extend our appreciation to the collective effort of the Pacific community toward this end. 


Kathleen Lagorio Janssen
Chair, Board of Regents