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    Three-City Administrative Review Process

    Download Three-City Administrative Review Process Workflow (PDF, 767 kB)

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    Many important administrative functions occur on all three of our sites. Selected three-city administrative efforts will be evaluated collectively at a high level in order to begin exploring opportunities for greater collaboration and efficiency.

    Administrative units undergoing a three-city review are labeled in the Program List. Staff from all three operations in a designated three-city service/unit will form a Three-City Administrative Team and collaborate on a single report. (In the case of IT, the single report will derive from individual reports that are integrated by the Three-City Administrative Review Team.) The process will run slightly differently from the standard administrative review process.

    First, in addition to the four common criteria, the three-city reports will address an additional three-city criterion analyzing the units' communication, cooperation, coordinated services, and policies across the three campuses (see administrative review rubric).

    Second, given that the administrative functions that span all three campuses have multiple internal stakeholders, each three-city report will be evaluated by a team of leaders rather than a single VP.  Each three-city review leadership team will include the deans (or their designees) on the two campuses who supervise the local administrative function, the Provost and/or a Vice President, and any other members deemed appropriate by the deans and Provost/VP.

    Together, the team will evaluate possible high-level actions for three-city administrative functions:

    • Maintain three separate operations as is
    • Maintain three operations but blend some shared resources
    • Reorganize the services

    Significant changes to administrative services across campus, especially in the case of reorganizations, will require careful thought and time to implement.  Hence, major changes to three-city administrative functions may need to occur over multiple years.

    After the leadership team makes its recommendation, the three-city reports will be released to the University community. The recommended action for each three-city administrative activity under review will then be discussed with stakeholders (the leadership team will design a town hall format that will accommodate stakeholders in three different places). The Provost or relevant Vice President will take the leadership team's recommendation and the University feedback into account and formulate his or her own recommendation. The Provost or VP will then send the unit's report, the leadership team's recommendation, and his or her own recommendation to the "PAC+" committee (see definition here). The PAC+ will evaluate the recommended action and forward their recommendation, the Provost's/Vice President's recommendation, and the leadership review team's original recommendation to the President. She will seek University feedback and then make a final decision.

    Three-City Administrative Review Timeline

    This timeline applies to:

    • all administrative units not housed within the schools or College
    • select three-city units at the Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco campuses (see Program List)
    May 28: Institutional Research begins compiling data for administrative units as available
    June 3: Units begin to prepare administrative review reports
    August 9: Administrative review reports due
    August 30: Provost and Vice Presidents announce recommendations. Provost and Vice Presidents begin holding Open Divisional Meetings for input (Sept. 3-6)
    Sept. 16: Provost and Vice Presidents adjust recommendations as appropriate; reports and recommendations go to "PAC+" (see definition here) for review
    Sept. 20: PAC+ makes their recommendations and forwards all to President.
    Sept. 23-27: President seeks University input
    Oct. 11: President announces administrative decisions to University community by this date