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    Office of the President
    University of the Pacific
    3601 Pacific Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95211

    Vision and Goals

    Realizing Pacific 2020

    Our vision is that University of the Pacific will become known as one of the best teaching-focused universities in California - the first choice for students who want excellent programs, close working relationships with faculty, a challenging and supportive learning environment, and an exciting future after graduation. We will serve the changing needs of our students, their families, and our region by evolving as an institution in ways that honor our 162-year tradition of strong liberal arts programs, high quality professional programs, and whole-student learning.

    The Pacific community has spent nearly two years developing our vision for the future and planning how to attain it. Our bold strategic plan, Pacific 2020, is the outcome of that work. Implementing Pacific 2020 will make our vision a reality by:

    • Expanding the academic programs we offer in the fields we are well known for;
    • Offering academic programs to new students in new ways, leveraging our three-city presence;
    • Promoting student academic and career success; and
    • Building our financial and internal infrastructure to achieve these goals.

    Focusing on Our Future
    An essential step toward implementing Pacific 2020 is to focus. We must review our academic activities to make sure they are of the highest quality and aligned with our mission and strategic directions, and review our administrative activities and services to make sure they are effective and efficient. We need to ask ourselves: What do we do that is excellent? What are our highest priorities? Are we using our students' tuition and our donors' gifts and investments as wisely as possible? Are there better ways we can do things that are equally or more effective? What activities can we reduce or stop doing so we can do others better or invest in new areas?

    Reviewing all our activities and deciding what to continue, what to enhance, what to reduce and what to discontinue will help us become a stronger organization offering an even finer education. It will also help us to create a base budget Strategic Investment Fund of approximately $15 million. The fund will provide the resources we need to begin successfully implementing strategic new initiatives and enhancing current activities.

    The final Focusing on Our Future comprehensive review process reflects substantial augmentations and refinements that President Eibeck and the Cabinet have made to the initial draft framework, thanks to valuable feedback from:

    • Academic Council
    • Staff Advisory Council
    • ASUOP
    • Institutional Priorities Committee
    • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Institutional Effectiveness Committee
    • Council of Deans
    • President's Advisory Council
    • Dozens of individual faculty and staff members and students.

    The President and Cabinet thank the University community for helping to create a process that evaluates our activities according to objective criteria, empowers local units, and elicits University input throughout. The University leadership understands and appreciates that your engagement comes from your deep commitment to Pacific and its students, and your desire to make sure that what is great about our University is maintained or enhanced through this process. Our shared objective is to become an even better institution - the very best we can be. We will start seeing the results of this hard work very soon; by 2020 we will recognize this moment as having been decisive for Pacific's future.