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Administrative Unit Review Timeline
This timeline applies to:

  • all administrative units not housed within the schools or College
  • select three-city units at the Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco campuses (see "Program List" under Inside Pacific's "Focusing on Our Future" tab)
May 28: Institutional Research begins compiling data for administrative units as available
June 3: Units begin to prepare administrative review reports
August 9: Administrative review reports due
August 30: Provost and Vice Presidents announce recommendations. Provost and Vice Presidents begin holding Open Divisional Meetings for input (Sept. 3-6)
Sept. 16: Provost and Vice Presidents adjust recommendations as appropriate; reports and recommendations go to "PAC+" (see Appendix B) for review
Sept. 20: PAC+ makes their recommendations and forwards all to President.
Sept. 23-27: President seeks University input
Oct. 11: President announces administrative decisions to University community by this date

Academic Review Timeline
This timeline applies to:

  • academic programs (see "Program List" under Inside Pacific's "Focusing on Our Future" tab)
  • administrative units within the schools and College (with the exception of 3-city units in the law and dental schools)
May-July 31: Institutional Research prepares data for academic programs
Sept: Training for School-based Evaluation Teams
Oct 15: Academic Review reports due to school-based rating teams. School-based administrative reports due to relevant dean
Nov 4: School-based rating teams release academic reports and scores to CART
Dec 9: CART completes validation of scoring and sends results to deans; releases reports and scores
Jan: Deans begin to draft school/College strategic plans, seeking input from stakeholders on strategic vision, future of current academic programs, and future of current school-based administrative activities and services
Feb 21: School/College strategic plans, including deans' recommendations for current academic programs and school-based administrative activities and services, go to Provost
Mar 21: Provost's recommendations on academic strategic plans go to Leadership Review Team (Cabinet + Deans); Provost's recommendations on school/College administrative changes go to PAC+
Apr 4: Leadership Review Team sends recommendations to President
Apr 7 -18: President seeks University input 
May 1: President announces final decisions on current programs, activities and services to the University community; releases final report