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What is WSCUC / WASC?

The University's accrediting agency is WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission), also known as WASC Senior Commission.

According to the 2013 Handbook of Accreditation (p.4):

WSCUC is one of seven regional accrediting agencies. Regional accreditation serves to assure the educational community, parents, students, employers, policymakers, and the public that an accredited institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness. Students attending accredited institutions may be eligible to apply for U.S. federal financial aid. Accreditation also helps to ensure that credits and degrees are generally recognized for purposes of transfer, admission to other institutions, and employment.

WSCUC accreditation is for the entire University, whereas some individual academic programs also have discipline-specific accrediting bodies (learn more here).

WSCUC examines three core commitments for member institutions of higher education:

1.       Student Learning and Success

2.       Quality Improvement

3.       Institutional Integrity, Sustainability and Accountability  

Similarly, WSCUC Standards of Accreditation reflect widely accepted good practices in higher education and serve as a foundation from which self-study and external review is conducted.