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1.1.3 Integrated and Dynamic Planning

This plan must be dynamic to be sustained through 2015.

While the Commitments should be relatively stable through the planning period with minimal change, the Strategic Direction statements should be periodically reviewed by the Institutional Priorities Committee with recommendations for revisions forwarded to the President.

An accompanying Strategic Action Plan outlines goals, tactics, and actions for each of the twenty strategic directions that will show a high degree of change as achievements occur and as the institution responds to a changing environment.

As a mark of highly integrated planning, these tactics and actions find their source in the plans of the units and divisions of the University.

The units align their strategic and tactical plans as they accomplish the strategies outlined in this plan.

Through annual planning, assessment, and program review, the units note accomplishments and propose new University Goals. Collaborative strategies are proposed by the University planning bodies and are assigned across units and divisions.

The Strategic Action Plans include metrics and milestones and identify accountable individuals and groups.