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1.1.1.a Core Values

Pacific’s mission is realized through the following core values.

They are behind everything we do and cannot be compromised.

They are stated to be inclusive of the entire University community from undergraduate to graduate and professional students, from staff to faculty, from alumni to friends.

Passion for teaching and learning - We share enthusiasm for discovery; our active pursuit of scholarship, creative expression, and new perspectives enlivens learning.

Meaningful and measurable learning remains preeminent to teaching.

Learner focus - Our environment is inspired by the needs of the learner as we create rigorous experiences that respond to individuals’ strengths and interests.

We ensure that students are at the center of our work; everything we do focuses on developing their full potential.

Relationship based learning - We foster meaningful relationships through close interaction among learners and teachers to create powerful learning.

Whole person education - We are concerned with all aspects of growth and development, seek the integration of curricular, cocurricular, and post-curricular activities, and take pride in our accomplishments.

Responsible leadership - We develop leaders who effect positive change. Through diverse learning experiences, we cultivate the knowledge and skills to become ethical leaders in career and community and to understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our efforts.

Community engagement - We have a deep consciousness of the world around us, and as a part of a multitude of communities, join together with them to serve and to learn.

These partnerships create a synergy which raises the achievements of both the communities and the University.