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1.1.1.b Foundations

As foundations to our work, the following underlie Pacific’s success.

We cannot exist without them, but they are not why we exist.

Financial stability allows Pacific to invest in excellence and integrity allows us to act with honor and virtue.

Our safe and beautiful campuses provide attractive environments for learning.

We are a community based on mutual respect that treats each individual with dignity and appreciates the contributions of each member.

We foster relationships among faculty, staff, and students as shared governance strengthens institutional decisions.

We use the processes of program review and accreditation to strengthen programs and to learn more about how best to teach, learn, and provide services.

Through accountability and assessment we seek to understand the effects of our actions, seek improvements, and share the results with our constituents and communities.

The application of technologies allows us to improve our processes, maintain integrity in university records, communicate more fully, and enhance the learning environment.