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History of University Libraries and the Library Faculty (1957)

Two rooms on the ground floor of West Hall (1871) housed the San Jose campus’s first library.

Faculty and part-time employees staffed this facility until Miss Harriet Boss became the first full-time professional librarian at Pacific (1911).

Four years later, fire destroyed the building and the library collection of some ten thousand books.

When the College moved to Stockton (1924), the Library was first housed in the southeast portion of Weber Hall, and by 1928, it occupied the entire second floor.

Ten years later, the library moved most of its 30,000 volumes into the Power House (now Baun Hall), which became available when the College converted from steam to gas heating.

Collections nearly doubled during the 1940s and a separate Music Library Quonset (1947) and a Reserve Back Room (1953) in Owens Hall lessened the increasing pressure on the central facility.

Finally, Irving Martin, publisher of the Stockton Record, provided funding for a new campus library on the present site.

The Martin Library was finished in 1955 and has since been twice expanded through construction of the Wood Memorial Library (1966) and the William Knox Holt Library (1985).

On September 1, 1957, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs assigned faculty status to the librarians. During those years, branch libraries were created at the School of Pharmacy (1969) and the School of Education (1974) to accommodate a collection that, by 1984, had grown to more than 750,000 titles.

In recent years, the mission of the Holt Library and the Health Sciences/Chemistry Branch (now the only centrally-managed branch) has been to provide a teaching and learning center that integrates access to information sources with the resources of computer technology and multi-media and provides space for collaborative work among students and faculty.