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10.1 University Catalogs

Approved by Provost on February 8, 2001

The University of the Pacific publishes four catalogs:

  • the General Catalog,
  • the Graduate Studies Catalog,
  • the School of Dentistry Catalog
  • and the McGeorge School of Law Catalog.

Each catalog contains a description of the academic programs and curricular offerings of the schools and colleges which are covered by the catalog, the admissions requirements, tuition and fees, programs for financial aid, academic regulations, requirements for graduation, University programs and services for students, the academic calendar, and the membership of the Board of Regents, the Administration and the Faculty. These catalogs are revised periodically to reflect changes.

On the Stockton Campus, the Registrar edits the General Catalog. The Dean of the Graduate School edits the Graduate Studies Catalog. The Office of Marketing and Public Relations publishes these catalogs.

On the San Francisco Campus, the Director of the Office of Academic Affairs edits the School of Dentistry Catalog.

On the Sacramento Campus, the Publications Editor, under the direction of the Dean, edits the McGeorge School of Law Catalog.