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10.2 Review of Academic Programs

Approved by Academic Council and Provost, on February 8, 2001. Revision approved by Academic Council on May 8, 2008 and by Cabinet on August 19, 2008. 

Academic program planning is an on-going process of self-study and improvement which is aimed at increasing academic quality, implementing the University's Mission and Vision, enacting University priorities and managing University resources effectively. Subject to the approval of the Academic Council, the Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies works collaboratively with the Office of the Provost to articulate the specific goals of program planning, to establish procedures and schedules, and to oversee the integrity of the process.

After assuring that each departmental self-study has followed appropriate procedures, the Evaluation Committee of the Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies forwards the reports and recommendations of the dean along with its recommendations to the Academic Council and the Provost. In the case of a graduate program, the Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies on each campus certifies the process and submits its recommendations on the self-study report to the Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies. The Academic Council submits its recommendation to the Provost, who then submits a final report to the President.