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11.25.3 Information Security Policy

Students are issued a unique User identifier (UserID) when they register for accessing their electronic mail (e-mail) account. A password is issued at the same time as the UserID. This password is used to authenticate the student when he/she signs onto the e-mail system. Students must create passwords that cannot be easily guessed. Under normal circumstances, a student’s password should not be shared with anyone. Passwords should be considered confidential information, and must be changed periodically to help prevent someone from gaining unauthorized access to the student’s account.

Information created or used by students in the normal course of academic studies must be protected from unauthorized access and use. Students must access only those systems and data to which they are specifically authorized, and only for the authorized purposes of that access.

While the University attempts to keep all student created files stored on its systems private, its ability to do so is limited. Students are advised to avoid using University systems to store highly sensitive information.