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11.28 Summer Sessions

Approved by Academic Council on April 26, 2001,and Provost

Overall administration of the Summer Sessions is centralized in the Office of Summer Sessions, Center for Professional and Continuing Education for the following units: College of the Pacific, Conservatory of Music, Eberhardt School of Business, the Benerd School of Education and the School of International Studies. In addition the Assistant/Associate Provost, Office of Summer Sessions, strives to see that courses in these units are available for students from the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the School of Engineering. For planning and policy matters the Assistant Provost consults with the Summer Sessions Advisory Board as described in Section 6.3.6.

11.28.1 Contact Hours in Relation to Hours of Credit and Scheduling
11.28.2 Allocation of Courses
11.28.3 Approval of Courses
11.28.4 Personnel and Salary Policies
11.28.5 Independent Study
11.28.6 Incompletes