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12.5.1 Letter grades

Approved by CGS on December 2000

Graduate students receive letter grades as follows:

Letter Grade Description
A Exemplary - Exemplary achievement of course objectives clearly and significantly above the requirements.
B Satisfactory - Satisfactory achievement of the course objectives. Adequate performance on stated requirements.
C Marginal Minimal achievement of course objectives.
D Unsatisfactory
F Failing
  To be counted toward an approved Program of Study, courses that receive a letter grade of C- or lower must be repeated.

The use of a plus/minus letter grade scale is at the discretion of the instructor in charge of the graduate course.

Other letter grades include:  

  • “I”: Incomplete work from extenuating circumstances that prevent completion of the work assigned. This is a temporary grade that automatically reverts to a grade of "F" after six months. Petitions to extend incomplete grades beyond this time must be approved by the Graduate School office.
  • “P”: Passing work for a course completed on a pass/fail basis.
  • “N”: Deferred grading for thesis, dissertation or research work, for courses numbered 297, 299, 397, and 399. Advisors change this grade upon the successful completion of the thesis or dissertation defense by submitting the Thesis Grade form with the Graduate School.