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2.1 University Policy Statement on Governance

Adopted by the Regents on September 12, 1996

The Board of Regents of the University of the Pacific hereby approves and adopts this policy in order to foster mutual understanding and establish the form and structure regarding the governance of the University of the Pacific. This policy is a recognition of the University's community of interests including the shared objective of maintaining a quality institution of higher learning through the joint effort of all constituencies of the University. We are aware of our interdependence, the usefulness of communication among ourselves, and the force and power of joint action that will increase our capacity to solve the challenges of providing students at the University with the opportunity to fulfill their highest educational potential.

We dedicate ourselves to continue the University tradition and promote a vision for the future by offering a broad range of quality programs in a learning environment that is both personal and diverse. We hold true to the University's distinction for its integration and balance of liberal arts and professional education, teaching and scholarship, curricular and co-curricular activities, formal and lifelong learning, and diverse campuses and communities. We also commit that participation by all constituencies will be conducted as examples of the highest levels of leadership, civility, integrity, decorum and respect.

Three fundamental principles provide the benchmarks for our joint efforts:

  1. recognition of the initiating capacity and decision-making participation of all constituencies of the University;
  2. understanding that the weight of each constituent voice is determined by the responsibility of each constituent for the particular matter at hand; and
  3. each constituent voice will be given access to timely, relevant, adequate information and the opportunity to be heard.

All constituent governance documents of the University shall conform to the University bylaws and this policy statement.

2.1.4Deans of Schools and Colleges
2.1.5Council of Deans
2.1.6Departmental Chairs
2.1.7Vice President for Finance
2.1.8Vice President for Student Life
2.1.9Vice President for Institutional Advancement
2.1.10The Faculty