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2.1.5 Council of Deans

The Council of Deans is an important agency for communication and collaboration among the deans under the leadership of the Provost.

The Council includes all academic deans and other selected administrators.

The Council shall meet regularly to accomplish the academic mission of the University.

It shall perform the following functions:

  1. Advise the provost on University standards and policies affecting the academic environment of the University and promote adherence to shared standards of excellence in scholarship, teaching, and learning throughout the University.
  2. Coordinate joint policy consideration and other activities shared by the colleges and schools and facilitate communication among them.
  3. Refer a cademic matters affecting the entire University to the University Faculty and recommend courses of action respecting such matters.
  4. Provide a forum for discussion of programs, policies, and progress of the colleges, schools and academic support services.
  5. Review priorities and goals in the formation of proposals for operating budgets in academic affairs, including marketing objectives for earned and contributed revenue, and advise the Provost concerning such priorities and goals.