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2.1.13 Alumni

Alumni play a critical role in providing the means by which the effectiveness of educational programs can be assessed.

Guided by programs in Institutional Advancement, through the Alumni Association, and by direct participation with individual schools, alumni have the opportunity to support the University and assess the education they received at the University.

Their role provides continuity to the University and ensures the preservation of tradition.

With this role of preserving the strengths comes the responsibility to address the weaknesses through participation in the strategic planning process and direct financial support.

Evaluation is a critical element of governance. Therefore, pursuant to this policy, the Board of Regents shall cause to be conducted a periodic evaluation of itself, the President, the Senior Staff, the governance bodies of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni to assure that each of these major components of the University community are working effectively and efficiently in implementing this policy and in compliance with their respective bylaws, and the discharge of their authority and duties.

The results of the evaluation shall be included as a part of an annual report of the University of the Pacific.