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2.3 Procedure for Approval and Amendment of Policies in the University Faculty Handbook

Approved by Academic Council on April 13, 2000; Faculty Pending; President on September 27, 2000

The Board of Regents has set forth the areas of responsibility and authority for each University constituency in the University of the Pacific Policy Statement (on) Governance (Section 2.1). The Statement on Basic Governance Principles (Section 2.2), states the agreement between the Administration and the Faculty on the principles for the implementation of the Regents Policy Statement on Governance.

In accordance with these statements, the University administrators and constituencies responsible for the approval and amendment of a policy will differ. The University Faculty Handbook is the primary statement of polices which relate to the academic mission of the University and which require Faculty approval, either singly or jointly with some other University constituency. The Handbook includes the general policies regarding Faculty governance, policies concerning promotion, tenure, and other aspects of employment of faculty and academic administrators, and the academic policies of the University.

Accordingly, each policy in the Handbook shall be accompanied by a statement of the constituencies who must approve the policy and the dates of approval and amendment of the policy by these constituencies. Future amendments of a policy will require approval by the same constituencies. Consistent with the University policies statement on governance as approved by the Regents, the Academic Council, in consultation with the Provost, determines the statement of constituencies that accompanies each policy or section of the Handbook. Dates of original approval and subsequent amendments should be noted in the revised Handbook policy. The Provost's Office shall be responsible for maintaining an archival record of Handbook policy statements, their approvals, and subsequent amendments.

The Provost is responsible for maintaining and publishing an updated version of the University Faculty Handbook on the University website and periodically publishing and distributing printed copies to the Faculty.