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3.1.2 Policy on Academic Freedom

The University commits itself to create and maintain an environment in which academic freedom will flourish.

It is the policy of the University that decisions concerning appointment, reappointment, promotion, and appointment with tenure of faculty members, the selection of faculty members for teaching and other academic duties and responsibilities, and University support and sponsorship of scholarly research and artistic endeavors by faculty members shall not be based upon any of the following:

  • the faculty member’s political, social, or other views, or the faculty member’s associations, except to the extent that the views or associations are directly related to the discharge of academic responsibilities;
  • the conduct of the faculty member, unless such conduct:

    1. is directly related to the discharge of academic responsibilities, or
    2. has been determined, in a proceeding pursuant to University procedures related to faculty discipline, to constitute professional misconduct, or
    3. is conduct of moral turpitude that violates a criminal statute
  • discrimination or classification prohibited by federal, state, or local statutes, ordinances, and regulations that protect faculty members.