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3.10 Academic Space Management, Allocation and Reallocation Policy

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration, May 13, 2010

Management of Space - Effective space utilization and management is central to the success of the University's mission.  The management of space shall be performed in a manner designed to maximize productive usage and to advance the values and strategic priorities of the university.  Management of space assigned to academic or administrative units is generally the responsibility of the Deans, Directors or Vice Presidents.  In most cases, the responsibility of managing academic space is delegated to the department chairs.  It is the responsibility of each unit to ensure space assignments are optimized for their most effective use.  Units are encouraged to configure the assigned space to maximize and align specific usage with the strategic goals of the university.

 Allocation & Reallocation of Academic Space - The Provost may reallocate academic space to meet the needs of the University.  Prior to reallocation of academic space, and with reasonable notice, potentially affected departments/units shall be given opportunity to submit documentation to the Provost to justify the retention of allocated academic space.  In the event that academic space used by a department/unit is reallocated, the Provost shall provide written documentation to justify his/her decision.