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3.6 Policy on Declaring University Financial Exigency

Approved by Academic Council, Administration on April 23, 2002

The President may propose to the Board of Regents that it declare that a University financial exigency exists.

Before forwarding such proposal to the Board of Regents, the President will review its rationale and conclusions with a Select Committee consisting of the Provost, the dean of each school and college, one (1) tenured faculty member of each of the schools and three (3) tenured faculty members of the College of the Pacific, each of whom shall be selected by the Academic Council.

The President shall share all pertinent financial data including the relevant record of the Institutional Priorities Committee with this committee.

The Select Committee will issue a report and recommendation, which shall be submitted to the Board of Regents prior to the Board’s final determination.

If the Board of Regents declares a University financial exigency, the University will consider a range of appropriate operational and budgetary measures, which may include reduction of expenses related to goods, services, staff and faculty.

In doing so, the University will first focus on those programs and services which are not central to its primary academic mission, vision and priorities.

If reductions in academic areas are not avoidable, the University may decline to renew faculty appointments including those which are renewable, to terminate probationary, special and regular faculty appointments prior to their scheduled expiration date, and/or to terminate appointments with tenure.

Terminations of appointments due to University financial exigency are governed by section 7.15