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4.2.10 Deans of Schools and Colleges

Approved by the Regents on September 12, 1996

Each college or school of the University and the University libraries has a dean, appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Provost, who serves as the principal academic officer for the college or school and is responsible for the educational program within the college or school.

The deans report to the Provost, who is responsible for the coordination of their work within the policies of the Board of Regents.

In consultation with the Provost and the faculty of the college or school, the deans lead in the planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the educational programs and policies of the college or school and promote the quality of teaching and learning.

They also provide for the selection and evaluation of qualified faculty and make recommendations to the Provost and President concerning initial and continuing appointment of the faculty.

They have direct budget responsibility for operating funds in their areas, share in the responsibility for achieving enrollment goals, and in consultation with the Provost and the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, the deans participate in external fundraising and alumni activities.