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4.2.3 Associate Provost for Research, Collaborative Programs & Dean of Graduate Studies

Approved by Provost

The Associate Provost for Research, Collaborative Programs, and Dean of Graduate Studies report directly to the Provost and serves as the major university officer to advocate on behalf of graduate education and research, especially the development of collaborative research and practice-based/applied research.

This position oversees the implementation of selected distinctive collaborative graduate and undergraduate academic programs; and develops and promotes internal and external networks to advance programs and increase funding for research.

The Associate Provost oversees the Graduate Studies Committee and the Office of Sponsored Programs, GA/TR management, quality and marketing of graduate admissions, intellectual property/patent issues, internal research awards, and marketing of graduate education; and coordinates efforts to develop a global, interdisciplinary, university-wide professional education program for practicing professionals.

The position includes a faculty appointment and is a member of the Council of Deans.