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4.2.6.a Director of the University Honors Program

Approved by Provost

The Director of the University Honors Program on the Stockton Campus is appointed by the Provost and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Assistance in the recruitment of students into the Honors Program by developing and distributing promotional materials, such as the "major sheet," catalogue copy, brochures, letters to eligible students, and responses to inquiries. This includes the coordination of activities of the Honors Program with the Associate Provost for Enrollment.
  2. Recruiting faculty and departmental participation in the Freshman Honors Program and facilitating scheduling through the offices of the Registrar and individual faculty.
  3. Working with the Coordinator of General Education to select faculty for participation in the Honors section of Mentor Seminars I and II.
  4. Assistance in the advising process of Honors Students and the development, coordination, and implementation of Senior Projects for each University Honors Student.
  5. Assistance in the functioning of the Honors Advisory Council.