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4.6.1.b Provost Search Committee Selection of Members

Revised and approved by Academic Council December 8, 2011 ; Approved by Administration August 22, 2012.

The membership of a search committee for the Provost shall represent the major constituencies who will be served by the Provost and shall be broadly representative of the University. Faculty representatives must be voting members of the University faculty and shall comprise no less than 50% of the Committee.

When a vacancy for the position of the Provost is announced, the Academic Council shall as soon as possible conduct a selection of Faculty representatives according to the selection procedures set out herein.

The Chair-Elect shall direct the process for selecting Faculty representatives.

The Executive Board, led by the Chair-Elect, shall serve as a nominating committee for the selection of Faculty representatives on the Provost Search Committee. The Chair-Elect shall solicit nominations from the Faculty of each unit and the President. The Board shall consult the President in creating the final slate of nominees.  From this slate of nominees, the Academic Council shall elect the fewest members necessary in order to guarantee that at least one half of the Faculty representatives on the Search Committee are selected by the Council.  Also from this slate of nominees, the President shall select the remainder of Faculty representatives on the Search Committee.

When the announcement of a vacancy for the Provost position occurs during the summer, the election of Faculty representatives by the Academic Council called for above shall be replaced by election by the Executive Board.

The Administration shall appoint staff and students to the Search Committee in consultation with the Staff Advisory Council and ASuop.