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4.7 Evaluation of Academic Administrators

Approved by Academic Council on March 8, 2001, President on February 28, 2001

The evaluation of an administrator is intended both to assess the administrator’s performance and to assist the administrator in becoming more effective.

The President is evaluated by the Board of Regents.

All other senior academic administrators, including deans, serve in their positions at the determination of the President. These senior administrators are evaluated annually and are formally evaluated periodically, normally at the end of their fifth year in office and every five years thereafter. A formal evaluation also may be conducted prior to the expiration of five years when such an evaluation is determined by the administrator’s superior to be appropriate, either at the superior’s initiative or in response to a request supported by two-thirds of the faculty under the jurisdiction of the administrator.

The President shall develop evaluation standards and procedures for the evaluation of the Provost. Deans shall be evaluated in accordance with the procedures described in the next section. The Provost shall develop evaluation procedures for senior academic administrators other than deans. Similarly, each dean shall develop evaluation procedures for administrators reporting to that dean, such as associate or assistant deans and directors, for approval by the Provost. Department chairs shall be evaluated in accordance with the procedures of each college or school.

The evaluation process should include the perspectives of all relevant sources.

The evaluation report is a confidential document to be discussed with the individual by the immediate supervisor.

4.7.1Evaluation Process for Deans