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Article 2 The Faculty

2.1 The Faculty The University Faculty, hereafter referred to as the Faculty, consists of the President, the Provost, academic deans, other administrators who hold faculty rank, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, adjunct professors, lecturers, and clinical faculty, whether serving in teaching, scholarly and artistic activity, or administration appointments, whether serving part-time or full-time, and whether in an active or emeritus capacity.

2.2 Voting Faculty For purposes of University governance, the voting members of the Faculty, hereafter referred to as Voting Faculty, are those tenured or tenure-track Faculty who devote at least fifty percent of a full workload to teaching, scholarly and artistic activity and University service.

Faculty who have administrative responsibilities of more than fifty percent are considered to be administrators and are not Voting Faculty.

In University matters, Faculty who hold joint appointments shall vote in the college or school or department in which they have the greatest responsibility.

A member of the Voting Faculty who holds appointments with fifty percent responsibility in two colleges or schools or two departments shall designate in writing to the office of the Provost one college or school or one department in which to exercise voting privileges.