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Article 4 Governance Structure

4.1 Levels of Faculty Governance There are two levels of academic governance, the University level and the college or school level. In establishing college or school governance, colleges and schools may establish additional levels of governance for internal purposes. Matters in Article 3, which affect the University as a whole, are the responsibility of the Faculty. Faculty matters which relate exclusively to the academic mission and operation of a college or school are the responsibility of the Faculty of that college or school. Communication among colleges and schools is essential. Matters relating to more than one college and school are subject to the review of the Faculty through its University governance structure. As a general policy academic matters should be considered first and foremost at the lowest appropriate level.

4.2 The Academic Council In order to exercise its authority and responsibility at the University level, the Faculty has established its own governing body, the Academic Council, hereafter referred to as the Council. The Council, based on the authority and responsibility of the Faculty as stated in Article 3, acts on behalf of the Faculty in the making of University policy.

4.3 Chair of the Faculty The Chair of the Academic Council is the Chair of the Faculty.

4.4 College or School Governance The Faculty of each college or school shall establish an internal system of faculty governance. Specific issues regarding local governance are addressed in Article 6 College or School Governance.

4.5 College or School Faculty Chairs The Faculty of each college and school shall establish the position of Chair of the Faculty of that college or school.