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Article 5 The Academic Council

5.1 Authority and Responsibility of the Council The Council is the representative body of the Faculty. The Council, based on the authority and responsibility of the Faculty as stated in Article 3, is the agent through which the Faculty acts in the making of University policy.

5.2 Work of the Council The Council gathers information, makes recommendations, formulates and approves policy on all matters listed in Article 3. The Council provides for Faculty action as required either by University Governance Policy or by a majority vote of the Council. To ensure the flow of information, the recommendations and decisions of the Council shall be reported to the Faculty, the Provost, the President and the Regents.

5.3 Organization of the Council The following Articles describe the Membership of the Council (5.A), the Officers of the Council (5.B), the Executive Board (5.C), the Calendar for Elections (5.D) and the Procedures of the Council (5.E).

Article 5.AMembership of the Council
Article 5.BOfficers of the Council
Article 5.CThe Executive Board
Article 5.DCalendar for Elections
Article 5.EProcedures of the Council