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Article 5.B Officers of the Council

5.B.1 Officers of the Council The officers of the Academic Council are the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Past-Chair. The Secretary of the Council is a non-voting staff position.

5.B.2 Chair The Chair of the Council, guided by the Council and its Executive Board, represents the Faculty to the Administration in the University decision-making process.

The Chair shall be responsible for communicating the decisions and recommendations of the Council to the Administration, the Regents and the Faculty.

The Chair is the official Faculty liaison representative to the Board of Regents.

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Council, the Executive Board and the Faculty. The Chair shall convene the Council in both regular and special sessions. At Council meetings the Chair has the responsibility to ensure fairness, to facilitate debate and to move issues to a vote in a timely manner.

5.B.3 Chair-Elect  The Chair-Elect is elected by the new and continuing members of the Council at a special April meeting (See Article 5.D.3.). The Chair-Elect shall be any tenured voting member of the Faculty, who is or has been a member of the Academic Council. Election requires a majority of the ballots cast at the meeting. The Chair-Elect serves a three-year term: the first year as Chair-Elect, the second year as Chair, and the third year as Past-Chair.

In the absence of the Chair, the Chair-Elect shall preside at meetings of the Council, the Executive Board and of the Faculty. The Chair-Elect under the direction of the Chair, is responsible for oversight of the work of Faculty Committees and for communication between these Committees and the Council. Responsibilities include the preparation of annual charges to Faculty Committees from the Council and the scheduling of necessary Council action on Committee recommendations and of annual Committee reports to the Council.

Based on the information provided by the Provost's office, the Chair-Elect shall determine the number of representatives allocated to each college or school according to Article 5.A.2.1. The Chair-Elect shall also determine the staggering of terms of office so that approximately one-third of the Council representatives are elected each year. The Chair-Elect administers the election processes and annual calendar of elections of faculty to both the Council and Faculty Committees.

5.B.4 Past-Chair  In the absence of the Chair and Chair-Elect, the Past-Chair shall preside at meetings of the Council, the Executive Board and the Faculty. The Past-Chair shall review all actions taken during her or his term of office as Chair and shall prepare a written report for Council members and the Faculty, indicating major decisions of the past year and issues which need to be continued for consideration. The report should be distributed before the first Council meeting of the fall semester. The Past-Chair shall also be responsible for conducting the election process for the Chair-Elect and for the new Executive Board.

5.B.5 Secretary The Secretary of the Council will be assignedby the Office of the Provost. Under the direction of the Chair, the Secretaryshall prepare and distribute all agendas, minutes and materials for Council an

d Faculty meetings, all Faculty ballots for elections and referenda, and shall record and report the results of balloting to the Chair-Elect.