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Article 5.E Procedures of the Council

5.E.1 Calendar for Council Meetings The Academic Council shall meet on a monthly basis from September to May. Other meetings shall be called as required by the Chair of the Council. The Chair of the Council must call a special meeting of the Council upon receipt of a petition from a group of twenty-five faculty eligible for serving on the Council. Normally, meetings of the Council shall be open to all members of the University community and Faculty may participate in Council discussions. The Council may go into executive session by a majority vote of the voting members present.
Normally, just before the regular April and May meetings, there shall be special meetings of new and continuing members of the next year's Council, to select a Chair-Elect, and to select the at-large members of the next Executive Board.

5.E.2 Presidential Access to the Council The President of the University may address the Council at any meeting and present such reports and information as may concern the Faculty.

5.E.3 Rules of Parliamentary Procedure The Council and Faculty meetings as well as Council committees shall govern themselves by a set of orderly parliamentary procedures. The Council adopts the rules of parliamentary procedures described in Merriam Webster's Rules of Order by Laurie Rozakis. A table that summarizes the most commonly used motions is shown in Appendix 1. The Chair shall appoint a parliamentarian.

5.E.3.1 Quorum Rule A quorum of the Council shall consist of a majority of its voting members. The Chair shall determine that a quorum exists at the opening of a meeting. If a quorum is lost no formal business can be conducted but discussion may continue.

5.E.3.2 Agendas The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for Council meetings. The Board shall include on the agenda, reports and resolutions submitted in writing in a timely manner by a Council Committee or Council member. Agendas for the meetings of the Council are to be distributed to Council members and the University Community one week before each meeting. Agenda items on which Council action is proposed should be accompanied by written reports, resolutions or other necessary background information. The Executive Board designates Council members to present issues to the Council. The Executive Board should be prepared to recommend a course of action on agenda items. New action items may be added to the agenda by a majority vote of the Council.

The Executive Board shall also prepare the agenda for Faculty meetings. Agendas for these meetings are to be distributed to the Faculty and the University Community one week before the meeting.

5.E.3.3 Approval Procedure for Motions  A motion is approved only if passed by a majority of voting members present. Main motions and amendments made in the course of a meeting should be submitted in writing to the Secretary before a vote is taken. Voting shall be by secret ballot if called for by the Chair or if requested by a majority vote. There shall be no voting by proxy.

5.E.3.4 Council Minutes Minutes of meetings are to be kept in the Office of the Provost and distributed to Faculty, Administrative Officers, and the Regents in a timely fashion. Minutes should be made available to the University Community at each University campus in a central location such as the library.

5.E.4 Matters for Direct Faculty Approval  The Faculty shall approve, through a general Faculty referendum, policies for fundamental changes in the following areas: the educational program of the University, the policies concerning the formation of the Faculty, in particular the appointment and evaluation of faculty, and the policies concerning the structure of faculty governance. Proposals for fundamental changes in these areas and any other matter that the Council wishes to submit to the Faculty for approval shall first be approved by the Council by a two-thirds majority of the voting Council members. Approval by the Faculty shall require a majority of the ballots cast in the referendum.

5.E.5 Faculty Meetings The Faculty shall meet at least twice each academic year. The Executive Board, in consultation with the Provost and the Academic Council, shall set the agenda of the Faculty meetings. Agendas are to be distributed one week before the meeting. Minutes are to be kept in the records of the Council. Other meetings shall be called as required by the Academic Council. The Chair of the Council must call a meeting of the Faculty upon receipt of a petition concerning a particular issue from at least twenty-five of the Voting Faculty.