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6.2.11 Professional Relations Committee (F, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council

The Professional Relations Committee initiates and recommends, reviews, and monitors policies on all matters that affect the professional activities of the faculty of the University.

Where deviations from all-University policy are perceived by the committee, these are reported to the Academic Council for action.

Specific duties are as follows:

  • Recommends changes in all-University procedures for faculty evaluations. Receives recommendations concerning standards and procedures for faculty evaluation from the Committee on Promotions and Tenure;
  • Recommends all-University guidelines for the administration of personnel practices and professional activities as necessary and reviews the procedures and practices of each school and college;
  • Nominates committee personnel for those University committees elected by the Academic Council from the faculty at large, with the exception of the Professional Relations Committee. The Professional Relations Committee will present nominations for University committees in the Spring so that a single ballot for those committees may be distributed and the elections held about mid-May. Those elected will begin their committee appointment(s) in September of the year, or earlier if special duties are requested;
  • Studies other problems related to the professional stature of the faculty as suggested by the Academic Council.

The committee reports to the Academic Council.

The Professional Relations Committee will be composed of eight members; three from the College of the Pacific, three from professional schools, and two members at large, one of whom shall be representing graduate programs.

The members will be nominated by the Academic Council and elected by the faculty.

Members are elected for three-year overlapping terms so that one-third of the membership is elected each year.