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6.2.14 University Awards Committee (F, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council 

The University Awards Committee is responsible for the screening, evaluation, and recommendation of candidates for University honors such as:

  • Honorary degrees;
  • Order of Pacific;
  • Distinguished Faculty Award.

The committee shall circulate a timetable and information on the nominations in appropriate form to all members of the University community.

Candidates for Honorary Degrees are recommended by the committee to the Academic Council.

The University Awards Committee is composed of five members with three-year overlapping terms.

Two administrators are appointed by the President.

Three faculty members are nominated by the Professional Relations Committee and elected by the Academic Council.

Each member of the committee shall have given long service to the University and have a sense of the traditions of the University.

No one shall be eligible for one of these awards while serving on the committee.

The members of the committee elect the chair of the committee.