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6.2.4 Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies (F, S)

Approved by Academic Council on April 27, 2000; revision submitted for approval October 2016, revised and approved on December 8,2016

The Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies (AACG) is charged with maintaining the quality of the graduate education, and with reviewing and defining policies and practices affecting graduate education at the University of the Pacific.

With respect to curricular issues, it reviews graduate curricular proposals, including addition and deletion of courses, changes in course sequencing, in credit hours, and in course descriptions. The charge does not include approval of curricular and program changes of Pacific's three professional programs (DDS, JD, and PharmD). The AACG reviews the establishment of new majors and new degree programs. In addition, the AACG approved name changes of graduate academic departments.

The AACG receives graduate curricular proposals from the Provost, who receives them from the Deans of each school or college of the University. The Provost receives such proposals only after they have been approved by the appropriate faculty committee of the school or college recommending the curricular change.

The AACG committee has eleven voting members: Nine faculty members, each elected by their respective faculties for three-year staggered terms, as follows:

One each from:

• Conservatory of Music;
• Eberhardt School of Business;
• School of Engineering and Computer Science;
• Benerd School of Education;
• Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences;
• College of the Pacific (natural sciences);
• College of the Pacific (social sciences);
• The Dugoni School of Dentistry; and
• The McGeorge School of Law

Two additional members will be:

• The Provost or designee; and
• A graduate student appointed annually by the Graduate Student Association.

The following ex-officio nonvoting members will be included: the seven academic deans; the director of the School of International Studies, the Director of Admissions, the University Registrar, the Dean of Libraries, the Chair of the Academic Regulations Committee, and the Vice President for Student Life Officer. The Chair is elected from among the faculty members on the committee.