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6.2.6 Faculty Compensation Committee (F, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council; Revised and approved by Academic Council April 12, 2012; revised April 16, 2014

The Faculty Compensation Committee is charged with representing the faculty on the Stockton campus in originating, reviewing, or consulting on all matters related to faculty compensation. Matters related to compensation of faculty on the Stockton campus are referred to the Faculty Compensation Committee for consultation. The Faculty Compensation Committee chair or designate is an ad hoc member of the Academic Council and is responsible for transmitting the recommendations of the Faculty Compensation Committee to the Academic Council. A representative of the Faculty Compensation Committee will meet with the Summer Sessions Advisory Board on matters relating to faculty compensation.

The Faculty Compensation Committee is composed of nine faculty members from the Stockton campus. There are three representatives from the College of the Pacific, one from each division in the College; and one representative from each of the other schools and colleges on the Stockton campus plus one from the Library. These representatives are nominated and elected by their respective faculties for three-year overlapping terms. It is to be hoped that there will always be representatives of the several ranks on the committee. The chair is elected by the committee from among the membership. Terms of office begin in Spring Semester.