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6.2.8 Faculty Research Committee (F, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council; revised April 16, 2014

The Faculty Research Committee reviews and recommends policies and practices affecting research; it allocates University Scholarly Activity Grants in conjunction with the Office of the Provost. Moreover, it selects recipients of the Eberhardt Summer Research Grants, chooses the annual Faculty Research Lecturer and participates in the review of the Faculty Development Leave Program.

The committee is composed of one representative from each of the divisions of the humanities, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and the School of International Studies in the College of the Pacific, one representative each from the other schools and colleges on the Stockton Campus. The representatives are nominated and elected by the faculties of their respective schools and colleges for three-year overlapping terms. The Dean of the Graduate School sits on the committee as an ex officio voting member as well as representatives from the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. The Chair is elected from among the faculty members of the committee.