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6.3.1 Athletic Advisory Board (J, S)

Approved by Academic Council, Administration on December 1, 1997

The Board advises the President concerning the conduct of the athletics program under the policies of the University and acts as a hearing committee for the Director of Athletics.

The Board evaluates and monitors the NCAA rules education and compliance programs of the athletics program.

The Athletics Advisory Board is composed of ten faculty members from the Stockton campus, the NCAA institutional representative, the President of the Pacific Student-Athlete Council, and one student appointed by ASUOP: at least 50% of the faculty membership must be tenured.

Five of the faculty members are nominated by the Professional Relations Committee and elected by the University faculty at large for three-year staggered terms.

Five of the faculty members are appointed by the President for three-year staggered terms.

If the NCAA institutional representative is a faculty member then the representative will be a voting member; if not a faculty member then the representative will be an ex officio member of the Board.

The chairperson is appointed by the President. The Athletic Director, Associate and Assistant Athletic Directors, Athletic Academic Advisor, and a representative chosen by the Pacific Coaches Council shall be ex officio, non-voting members of the Board.