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6.3.8 Commencement Speakers Committee

Approved by Academic Council on April 12, 2001, President on April 24, 2002, ASUOP on May 6, 2002

The Commencement Speaker Committee assists the President in selecting Convocation speakers.

The Committee submits a list of recommended speakers to the President for consideration and selection.

The Committee solicits nominations from all members of the University community.

Speakers are for Commencement two years hence.

The Committee has nine members: four students (two sophomores and two juniors); four faculty members, and the Assistant Director of the McCaffrey Center.

Committee members will be selected the spring semester of the prior year in order to allow the committee an entire year to complete its work and provide ample time for the President to consider the nominees.

Student representatives are selected by ASUOP and serve for two year staggered terms.

Faculty representatives are selected by the Academic Council and serve for two year staggered terms.